Brief Insite

Rajendra International School  was launched in 2016 in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) by Mr. Kaushal Singh and Mr. Dhananjay Bhardwaj. The school applies the Multiple Intelligences approach, developed by KDS Trust. This is test.

Rajendra International School is the first International School for boys and girls in grades preschool through 10 which set the real standards of International Education. The outstanding academic programs and the exceptional student experience we proffer have aided us to receive the highest accolade of all, ‘Rajendra International School is ranked as the No.1 International School in Muzaffarpur.

We are just more than an academic institution. Our philosophy encompasses the student’s whole personality and emphasizes balanced development. The unique motto of our school is ‘Formation, Information, Transformation’ with an exceptional aim to mould children into wholesome personalities through an equal emphasis on Academics, Fine Arts, Sports, and other extracurricular activities. Not only are their inborn talents identified at a young age, they are also encouraged to blossom under our care.

The Teacher/Student ratio of approximately 1:20 guarantees one-on-one attention and care for all students, nurturing them both academically and socially. The biggest common trait among the teachers and trainers here is their love for teaching and their wholehearted commitment towards the growth of a student. Our goal is to provide a caring environment tailored to the academic and personal needs of each child.

Our unique lush campus eloquently located amidst serene backdrops and the wide range of excellent conveniences, provides an outstanding environment for learning and excelling. Whether it’s the regular trainings or revisions, co-curricular activities or the sports, children are much happy to come to school every day.